Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Surrago is one of the most gifted, comprehensive, and compassionate doctors that I have ever worked with.  I have spent decades now healing my body, mind and spirit from the damage that late stage Lyme Disease, among other illnesses, have caused.  And I have spent most of the last 3 years recovering from the harsh, invasive, unnecessary, and reckless treatments that other doctors and healers have prescribed.  I had essentially lost hope before my first visit with her.  Since working with Dr. Surrago, and utilizing her gentle, thoughtful, nourishing treatments and protocols including Homeopathy, Nutrition, Herbal Remedies, Craniosacral Therapy, and IV Therapy, my full body has made impressive progress.  My mental state has balanced, my energy has increased in monumental ways, my gut is re-sealing, my immune system is becoming stronger and stronger, and I am jumping back into a life, that up until meeting Dr. Surrago, I never thought would be possible again.  I am incredibly grateful for her guidance." 

"Dr. Surrago is beyond exceptional in mind, body and spirit. She is brilliant, and always the first person I call for support in building and maintaining optimal health."

"Dr. Christine is insightful and spot on with her treatments. Her warmth and maternal instincts helped ease my nerves which then allowed me to open my mind to new treatments and methods that she has extensive training in. Under Dr. Christine's care- with her finesse in use of cutting edge medical technology. I bounced back quickly from a bronchial infection with no side effects! Thank you!

"Dr. Christine is the most empathetic and caring doctor I have known. She makes it her own personal mission to get to the bottom of any discomfort you are feeling and works hard to solve the issue! She never gives up until a plan is set to make sure you know exactly what is wrong! She has a calm and soothing presence and makes me feel at peace whenever she is around.”

"Dr. Surrago changed my fact she helped me save it.  I have a long road of health and healing ahead of me and there is no one I would rather have by my side walking me through it than her.   I trust her implicitly.  During my life doctors have created havoc.  I have often become sicker and sicker with every piece of medical advice I would listen to, with every pill I would take, and with every surgery I would endure.  Dr. Surrago has created peace, harmony, love, self-reflection, health and order in my life...never havoc.   She is always honest about what treatments she feels would benefit me and I know that her motive is solely for me to live the best and healthiest life I can.  If I could I would seriously seek her medical consult daily.  Since starting working with Dr. Surrago a little over a year ago I have lost 35 pounds, I have reduced the size of my enlarged spleen, reduced the frequency of my orbital migraines, I have landed on what foods hurt and which heal my body, and I have begun to live a more energetic and vital life.    I could go on and on but I will end by saying that Dr. Surrago has also helped me balance and heal the inner working of my mind and for that I will be forever grateful."

"Dr. S is amazing! She is a genius at seeing your whole system health, at really seeing the individual at understanding connections in the body and how to bring your whole system back into optimal vitality, in a way that is right for you. She goes beyond just the body, or the mind, or the energy, and weaves in all of these systems and many different modalities for allowing health and healing. She listens on a deep level and teaches how to create a lifestyle of vitality. She has helped me multiple times with various health topics, and our sessions are always healing, aligning and valuable."

"I came to Dr. Surrago and felt totally taken care of from the cellular level and up. Her touch is seriously magic. She is gentle, thorough, nurturing, and strait forward. I feel so blessed to be able to go on this holistic journey with her so I can finally get my vitality and health to where I know that it can be, and beyond.”

"Dr. Surrago is an amazing doctor like none you've ever met. I've been lucky enough to have her as my doctor for the past year & in that time my health has drastically improved.  I'm consistently blown away by her high level of knowledge & skill in medicine. She currently works with me in nutrition, herbalism, food sensitivities, ozone, vitamin drips, craino-sacral therapy & body manipulation, and homeopathy. And incredibly, she has much more tools available to her that she can offer!  As impressive as Dr. Surrago's training is, where I see her shine the most is her approach to medicine. She genuinely cares & does all she can to assist me towards my highest level of health by looking at the Whole picture of my life.  I'm grateful I always feel her on my team. She looks out for me & thinks about what's best for me whether I'm in her clinic or not.  I give Dr Surrago my highest recommendation. If your looking for an incredibly talented doctor that will have your back & treat you with care towards your greatest health of your life, then she is definitely your doctor!"

“Thank you Dr. Surrago for keeping me and my family healthy and literally saving my life.”

"I used homeopathy a few years ago, prescribed by a naturopath that I respect. I perceived little to no benefit from the multiple remedies despite following the instructions carefully. So, when I met Dr. Surrago I was skeptical that homeopathy would work for me. She did a case history unlike any I'd had before; she recognized and acknowledged my strengths, my nature, and my struggles.  She listened with her intuition AND her mind and responded to meet my system at a level I never expected from a doctor. Further, I could feel her confidence in my body's ability to heal. Dr. Surrago then prescribed the remedy Silicea for me and what's more, she educated me about the remedy, how she saw it could impact me, and the underlying mechanisms. This complete package of remedy and education deeply impacted me.  After taking the remedy I noticed a distinct shift in my hormones and unexpectedly, the shedding of a thick layer of fear I did not know I carried. My continued follow up with her led to even deeper layers of peace and healing. Dr. Surrago's skills and recommendations played a key role in the vital hormone balance I experience today and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with her. I highly recommend signing up for an initial consult with her to see what makes her different from the rest and find avenues of healing you've probably never experienced before." 

Dr. Christine Surrago is Fantastic at diagnosing exacting what is happening and treating it directly! Her methods are very natural and in alignment with nature. This means there are no side effects to her treatments and the treatment treats the Whole Person. I always feel very confident that I am getting what I need from Dr. Christine Surrago, and that is why I have my wife and all of our kids (and grandchild) see her as their Doctor. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting the Best Natural Medical Treatment for themselves & their loved ones.

"Going to see Dr. Christine Surrago changed my life! The treatments and lifestyle changes she recommended for me have drastically changed the health of my body and my overall quality of life for the better!