Telehealth Education

If you are interested in working with Dr. Surrago but you are unable to see her at her office, TeleHealth Education may be an excellent solution for you. TeleHealth is a way to work with a medical professional without visiting them at their office. There are some pros and cons to this form of medicine. For one, the doctor is unable to perform a proper physical exam for diagnosis. For that reason, if you are unable to attend any in-person visits, the service rendered will be restricted to Health Education only and Dr. Surrago requires that all TeleHealth patients have a Medical Doctor who they regularly see in person for their condition/s and/or for regular check-ups and that those notes are forwarded to Dr. Surrago for review.

What to Expect

  • A Comprehensive Medical Intake — Dr. Surrago spends at least an hour, getting to know you and your medical history

  • A Comprehensive Homeopathic Intake — Dr. Surrago uses this time to understand how your mind, body and spirit works

  • Health Education — Health and Lifestyle Education to build optimal health.

What is TeleHealth?

“TeleHealth” means the mode of delivering health care services and public health via information and communication technologies to facilitate the diagnosis, consultation, treatment, education, care management, and self-management of a patient’s health care while the patient is at the originating site and the health care provider is at a distant site. Telehealth facilitates patient self-management and caregiver support for patients and includes synchronous interactions and asynchronous store and forward transfers. Read More About TeleHealth

 Dr. Surrago now offers remote care via Telehealth / Telemedicine for people within the United States. These services will consist of providing you with information and suggestions that are intended to assist you and your health care provider/s in using natural means to support your health. Telehealth education services are not intended to serve as a medical diagnosis or treatment of any kind. If you are interested in Telehealth Education with Dr. Surrago, please review Terms and Conditions and Informed Consent.