Dr. Surrago sees your life as sacred.  It is her goal for you to feel incredible and live a long fulfilling life.  She uses the most thorough and advanced testing and treats your body on a genetic, morphogenetic, epigenetic, cellular and biochemical level for you to feel incredibly vital and healthy. 


Unfortunately we are continuously exposed to various toxic elements which can have harmful long-term effects on the body.  Pesticides, insecticides, plastics, harmful electromagnetic frequencies and heavy metals have all been linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease, endocrine diseases, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue and hormonal conditions.  Dr. Surrago specializes in well researched, highly effective detox treatments to improve strength and vitality. 


Your genes turn on and off depending on your cellular environment.  The cellular environment is affected by the blood and lymphatic systems.  These systems can become toxic from improper nutrition, toxic thought patterns and environmental toxins.  Dr. Surrago uses advanced testing to determine genetic predispositions and how your environment, nutrition and thoughts are impacting your genetic expression.


Dr. Surrago treats women's health and hormones successfully with homeopathy, botanical medicine and nutritional counseling.  Many women who have had amenorrhea, PMS, PCOS and so forth have benefited drastically from her protocols and insights.  On rare occasion she will prescribe hormones to help balance your system.  


Thyroid conditions, including Hashimoto's and Hypothyroidism are becoming more and more common.  Often these diseases do not start in the thyroid and often start in the digestive tract or the blood. Viruses and food toxicity are common links to Thyroid Disease.  Dr. Surrago determines these causes and treats the thyroid with homeopathics, botanicals and in some cases a short trial of thyroid hormones. 


Dr. Surrago's journey started with her own diagnosis of Crohn's disease, an autoimmune condition which has the potential to destroy the entire digestive tract leading to complete malnutrition, severe weight loss, life-threatening infections, sepsis, multiple surgeries and possibly death. She healed herself with nutrition, herbal medicine and mental/emotional training.  Although she no longer has symptoms, she is always looking to her next level of health.  Due to this desire to be healthy and alive, she has found many advanced therapies for autoimmune conditions and is able to treat autoimmune conditions with the most effective therapies available. 


Many Naturopathic Doctors believe that most illness begins in the digestive tract.  Based on our current food supply, the addition of pesticides and mineral depletion in the food, many people are now having symptoms of IBS, IBD, gas and bloating. Dr. Surrago can get your digestion back on track within a few months. 


Dr. Surrago uses blood and biofeedback testing to identify possible food and environmental allergies.  She will typically ask you to remove these allergies to reduce the overall stress load on your body so that it can heal.  She has highly effective natural remedies for allergies that feel good in the body and do not lead to drowsiness or fatigue.


Dr. Surrago highly recommends annual check ups to be sure your health is in great shape.  She recommends a thorough physical exam, genetic and blood nutritional assessments, general blood work, thermography, dental cleaning and assessments.


The health habits you instill in your child now will follow them throughout the rest of their life.  Dr. Surrago highly recommends bringing your child in from new born to adolescence for regular treatments.  She specializes in homeopathic treatment of infants and children, which is a safe and effective treatment for many childhood illnesses. 


Cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis are usually a result of heavy metal toxicity, high levels of daily stress, cigarettes, lack of self-care.  Some cardiovascular diseases are autoimmune such as Raynaud's Syndrome, PAN or Giant Cell Arteritis.  These conditions can be successfully treated with both alternative and medical interventions.


Chronic infections can arise from the weakening of the cells and immune system of the body. There are several causes for this including: stress, anxiety, injuries, Epstein Barr Virus, HIV, Lyme Disease, unhealthy relationships, unhealthy thought patterning, toxic foods and environmental toxins.  Dr. Surrago uncovers the root cause of Chronic Infections and due to this philosophy, she has a high success rate in treatment.


Your mental and emotional states have a tremendous impact on your body and physiologic functioning.  This has been proven scientifically in medical journals through blood testing and blood pressure monitoring.  Meditation has been shown to reduce the progression of very serious illnesses including HIV, Autoimmune Conditions and Cancer. This area of health is often not addressed due to the time needed at a doctor's visit.  Dr. Surrago addresses this area of your health and has excellent referrals for mental and emotional healing.


Chronic pain can get in the way of everything.  This includes a thriving work life and relationships.  Pain is often treated with pain medications to alter the brain's signal of what is happening in the body.  Dr. Surrago gets down to the core of what is happening and treats several chronic pain conditions effectively including: complex regional pain syndrome, migraines, spinal pain, abdominal pain and surgical scar pain.


Dr. Surrago provides excellent post surgical and wound care to her patients.  Treatments include topical PRP, ozone and herbal medicines for quicker healing rates and reducing the potential for infections.


The field of cancer treatment is now becoming more and more innovative.  However, what conventional treatments lack are natural medicines that support the body through chemotherapy, radiation and surgery which reduce side-effects ("chemo brain", weakness, neutropenia, digestive disorders, radiation burns). Dr. Surrago specializes in working with oncologists to provide the best treatment protocol where you can get through cancer treatments with lower side-effects.