"The cardiovascular system lives in perfect reciprocal balance with all the systems of the human body. The blood nourishes all of the tissues and organs, and all of the organs impact the blood and blood vessels. When one system is "off" the cardiovascular system is impacted.  Therefore a diet that nourishes the entire body is one that nourishes and heals the cardiovascular system.  The recipes here are recommended to heal the various systems of the body, increase blood flow and lymphatic flow.  The recipes here have an emphasis on anti-oxidants, mitochondrial support, and reducing arterial plaque.  This diet is to be done in conjunction with the gut healing diet, since the gut is the first area of the body to create inflammation from the outside world, which impacts the cardiovascular system."

"The health of the cardiovascular system is CRUCIAL for every organ system of the body: the brain, skin, lungs, bones, endocrine system, etc."
The cardiovascular system carries our passion and love of life to every cell of the body."