Cyberscan is a state of the art quantum biofeedback device used to treat disease on the cellular level.  With the use of Tesla scalar wave technology, the CyberScan uses therapeutic frequencies to enhance and strengthen your body’s ability to heal itself.

The CyberScan device has two complementary functions: detecting and identifying frequencies as well as treating any area of weakness in the body. The CyberScan scans your hand for frequencies in only a matter of seconds, detecting all known electromagnetic frequencies that are emitted from the cells of your body. The machine then stores your frequencies and compares them to a database of over one-hundred thousand documented frequencies. The machine goes through a matching process — matching the waveforms detected in your unique signal to known frequencies in the database.  A 100% match would indicate that the frequency detected in your results completely matches the known frequency in the database.  A 99% match would be a very close match.  The reason that the machine provides percent matches is that the cells of different bodies can emit slightly different frequencies.  Furthermore, viruses, bacteria and cancers mutate over time and thus the frequencies emitted will be slightly different than the database.  This feature comes in handy when assessing for viruses and bacteria as it is challenging to keep the database up to date with such frequent changes.  

The Cyberscan is also an excellent tool for disease prevention, optimal health and longevity.  It will show harmful frequencies of diseases before it manifests in your body.  It also is incredible with treating chronic infections or chronic fatigue syndrome.  It can detect unresolved infections from the past, which put stress on your system, and provide the therapeutic frequencies to strengthen your body and immune system.  Think of this technology as giving your immune system a second chance to clear old infections out of the body. 

Every scan will detect the most prominent areas that need to be treated in your body that particular day.  Aside from genetic predispositions and chronic illnesses, your body is constantly changing and your scan will reflect this.

Dr. Surrago analyzes your frequencies and develops a comprehensive, long-term health protocol specific for healing, disease prevention and longevity.  Her protocols are highly effective and are subject to tweaking and changes throughout your treatment based on your results.  Her goal is always to improve your health at every visit.  Once a treatment protocol is established and you understand the areas of stress in your body, you will then be treated by placing your hand back on the machine. The major frequencies are sent back to the body.  This technique is used to amplify the frequencies detected and has a homeopathic effect on the body.  In essence, the body hears a louder signal of illness and thus various body systems respond to clear infections, toxins, trauma and other morbid materials from your cells and tissue.  For example, if you have chronic fatigue from a long standing chronic infection, the treatment will amplify your body’s stress signals to recruit your immune system to clear the illness. If you have a heavy metal burden in your cells, the machine amplifies those signals which will encourage your cells to detox in a controlled and intelligent manner.